Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HARLEY OF SEAN CODY; Kickboxing Welterweight Simon Czaplinski of Rockford, Illinois

When you're the top star of one of the major online amateur gay porn websites, I don't know if you even entertain the illusion you can remain anonymous forever. Especially if you lead a very public life in your stamping grounds- you win in kickboxing tournaments, you rap in local nightclubs then you post the videos at Youtube. You hide behind the nom d'guerre of Dr. Unkommon in MySpace & Simcitystyle in Youtube but deep down it's apparent there's a 'death wish' to become famous. Perhaps outing Harley is best for him, we're giving him the freedom to become what he really craves for. He can conquer once & for all his fear of being exposed & focus on really becoming famous. If ever there's a person who could become the most famous gay-for-pay actor, it's Harley. Simon "The Lion" Czaplinski. He has the most number of videos in Seancody & his fans are still craving for more. Unlike the bottom superstars of Corbin Fisher who languish in the ordinary-size department, Harley is really hung & exudes heterosexuality in gay porn like no other.

Perhaps it's time Harley follows the footsteps of follow Illinois kickboxer- Ricky Sinz- & squeeze all the money he can get out of being an erotic model by becoming a full-pledged professional. He has a big edge over Sinz- he's definitely far-better looking & he has one of the best-looking dick in gayporn.

Last September 21, he was outed in JustUsBoys. His MySpace has already gathered more than 15,000 hits, I can presume majority were generated in the last week as gay fans scurry to get to know more about the inspiration of most of their jack-offs.

He fucks colored girls, he wins in kickboxing tournaments. This is what I'm saying, discovering the real person behind the straight gayporn model makes him hotter. Now we can't get over him. I've been pretty disappointed lately with Sean Cody because he clutters his site too much with gay models (doesn't he know people flock online because they wanna see straight models- if they wanna see gay models, they buy DVD or look for one in their sex clubs or in the nearby hairdressing saloon). Now, with the confirmation that Harley loves fucking girls in his private life, he just got million times hotter. What is hotter than a model who is so straight as Simon of Rockford, Illinois but so versatile as Harley online?

Harley in SeanCody

Harley as Simon The Lion

Harley being fucked by Richard

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

NASH OF FRATMEN: Paul Donahoe of University of Nebraska Lincoln before, Edinboro University now

Paul "Nash" Donahoe is from Davison, Michigan, a suburb of Flint. He was born on May 24, 1985. He started wrestling in Davison High & became Michigan State champion twice. He won the 2007 NCAA Wrestling championship on his sophomore year in the University of Nebraska Lincoln. By now, everybody knows what happened to the wrestling national champion. After masturbating online for a mostly gay audience, he was dismissed from UNL & he has transferred to Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Donahoe's NCAA status is still up in the air. A big risk posed by his easy reinstatement is the trivialization of the wrestling competition into a rambunctious gay circus & I am sure NCAA officials are wary of that. The outing of Donahoe was the biggest news in gayporn for 2008 & it's obvious the whole gay media will descend to chronicle Edinboro wrestling matches. I wonder how that will be taken in the traditional halls of athletic sports. However his supporters may wish it, Donahoe winning another trophy won't redeem his first mistake, it will only give it second wind into the spotlight. & what would be the effect to wrestling as a sport, it being dismissed already as the most gay sport of all?
Questions have been raised as to the real motivations of Donahoe. Was it a personal thing he had to do or was money good enough to ejaculate twice for his gay fans in his video? Read this piece from TheScarletProject:

I used to like Fratmen before the scandal. It's the site which seemed to offer boys who are really college jock-looking, the types you really would want to actually have sex with, a cut above the gutter-types who are desperate to do anything for cash & attention. Not anymore. In the immediate aftermath of the scandal which blew Donahoe away from Nebraska, what type of college boy would even entertain to do the same? Either one who's too low-class he has no access to the Internet or one too desperate he doesn't care. Just a dick. A major component of the fantasy has disappeared. The Fratmen magic is gone, will be gone for a long, long time.
For pics & vid of Paul "Nash" Donahoe

Are You Sure They're Not Seeking Fame Deep Down?

Last month, the NCAA 2007 champion wrestler of the University of Nebraska Lincoln was dismissed when he was exposed to have jacked off online in a gay website. He was too short (5'5'') to stand out ordinarily among the spectacular six-footers but he suddenly became the hottest gayporn star for awhile. One lesson of the incident is that an 'outed' model is hotter than the usual unknown pretty boy jacking off in your porn. What do you think if we start identifying amateur models & exchanging info about them (everything, names, hometowns, schools, age, girlfriends, brothers, etc). I actually think most of them are driven by the heady thrill of sudden celebrity, they know the risks of the business they're in (How corny to claim you value your privacy when you're willing to commecialize in video your most private parts & actions?). They are most likely excited by the dangers, the sexual attention is an indispensable aphrodisiac (Even the above wrestler has maintained his Fratmen hairdo up to now. If he was really affected by the scandal, he would've reverted to his prior haircut to lessen visibility. It has been 3 months, he must have had 3 haircuts since the Fratmen photoshoot so he really wants to be recognized).

The onus is on the websites, it would become more challenging for them to convince less-shy prospects. But that's their problem, if they want our money, they should try harder. Everybody has a price, & they've been relying on the "small investment, big profit" bait & switch gimmick for too long. Meanwhile we should do what we have to do to enjoy more our porn, know more about the models we adore.

I think it's time that people get their money & time's worth. These models earn good money from their jobs & the customers should derive full satisfaction: they want to get off more from a model with a real life, not just a dick.
If you know any of the models, you can just email me all the info you know & I'll do the rest- further research & all. Let's make the Comments section a forum to exchange info & opinions on the models. I won't censor, anything goes.